Detect Lab - Drug Alcohol and DNA Paternity testing.

We offer a full range of DNA paternity and drug-testing options, from standard and customized urine drug panels, urine alcohol tests, DOT drug tests, hair follicle tests to tests for steroid use and specialized testing of healthcare professionals. 

SAMHSA and AABB-certified laboratories that offer enormous testing capacity with full redundancy. 

A network of 6,000 collection sites, including more than 1,000 mobile collectors.
One standardized laboratory and billing database across our national enterprise with multiple result reporting options.Integrated MRO services

  • COMPANY - We offer comprehensive background investigations, including complete criminal background screening services. DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing. Random pool and DOT compliance. we offer 24/7 mobile on-site mobile evidential breath alcohol testing (BAT), DOT reasonable suspicion(cause) and post-accident testing. 
  • INDIVIDUAL - All of our drug tests are done at SAMSHA certified laboratories and reviewed by a specially trained and licensed Physician also known as Medical Review officer (MRO), and can be used in court of law. Hair follicle, urine drug, and urine alcohol test. We also offer urine EtG test. 
  • DNA PATERNITY -  $350 for Legal DNA Paternity test. 21-marker genetic analysis. Results in 5 days. Alimony and child support cases. Court admissible.

All Detect Lab collectors are trained in the regulations of DOT (49 CFR Part 40) and are trained and certified Breath Alcohol Technicians (BATís). 

All Detect Lab collectors have received and continue to receive specialized training for specimen collection techniques in compliance with all Federal and State drug, alcohol, and legal DNA paternity testing regulations.

Analisis de ADN y drogas

Le ofrecemos una amplia gama de pruebas de ADN, para paternidad, detecion de uso de drogas, con opciones estándar y personalizadas. Analisis de orina para uso de alcol, DOT pruebas de orina para uso de drogas, folícula de cabello para pruebas de drogas, analisis de orina para uso de esteroides y pruebas especializadas para profesionales de la salud.


$350. Prueba legal ADN para paternindad. 21-Marcador análisis genético. Resultados en 5 días. Para casos de pensión alimenticia. Aceptado en corte.









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